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The First Metaverse DAO and Social Token on Unicly

The Jenny Token (uJENNY) is a dual-purpose ERC-20 token, shard token and governance token that will be minted on the Unicly Protocol.

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The ‘Jenny DAO’

- How it works -

Become a DAO Member

The DAO will be responsible for acquiring NFTs and adding them to the vault controlled by Unicly Protocol’s smart contract. These NFTs can only be released if consenting Jenny Token holders reach a certain threshold and instruct the smart contract unlock the vault.

How to join Jenny DAO?

  • Own at least 1 uJENNY token (buy uJENNY).
  • Keep your uJENNY token on your wallet (Metamask, WalletConnect, or others).
  • Join our Discord channel and send “!join” in the bot-channel.
  • Follow the bot instructions and you’ll become a proud Jenny DAO member.
Join Jenny DAO


In addition, Jenny Token holders will have governance rights over key decision made by the Jenny DAO. This right will principally be exercised through direct voting and designation of multisig signatories to the DAO's treasury.
Vote with your uJenny


The Unicly Community may at its own discretion offer to whitelist the Jenny Token for liquidity mining. If that occurs, Jenny Token holders will have the opportunity to provide liquidity and receive Unicly’s governance token (UNIC) as a reward.

Raised Funds

A portion of the funds raised through the sale of the Jenny Token will be earmarked to acquiring NFTs and will be transferred to a DAO and will be controlled by the community. The DAO will be called the "Jenny DAO". They will be held in a multisig wallet controlled by key members of the Jenny Community.

The inverted Jenny

The ‘Inverted Jenny’, a 24 cent United States postage stamp first issued on May 10, 1918, is probably the most famous error in American philately.
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